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Infinity Alliance. company providing investigation services of life, health and general insurance to the All Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bangal, Odisha, Rajasthan, Assam, Arunachal Prades, Manipur, Sikkim, Uttar Prades, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan .  We are a full service agency offering all prospective clients a free consultation to discuss how our services may be beneficial to you.   Our private investigators are available on short notice.

We have another wings of staffing consultancy in our area and spent several years in insurance sector as a client servicing.

we are also introducing service in general insurance and providing service of theft investigation, MACT/TP,  OD and NON-MOTOR.


Infinity Alliances, is owned and operated by Mrs Priyadarshni Kumari

Infinity Alliances. Main office is located in Ward No-3, naya Bazar, Saharsa, Bihar-852201

Insurance Fraud


Insurance fraud is not victimless. It pushes up the cost of insurance for honest consumers; funds the wider activities of criminal gangs; and puts pressure on essential public services. Contrary to the perception of many of those who commit fraud, they are not stealing from a faceless corporation. The costs are paid by their friends, families and neighbors through higher insurance premiums. The value of detected fraud is in excess of billions and undetected insurance fraud is estimated to cost the INDIAN economy more than billions a year. Furthermore the normalization of fraudulent behavior is socially corrosive and erodes trust. The majority of consumers are honest: their insurance applications and claims are legitimate. Those who make genuine mistakes are not fraudsters and the Taskforce does not seek to criminalize or penalize them, not least because making a claim of any level can be stressful and daunting. Fraud however exists on a continuum, from application fraud to bogus, fictitious or intentionally inflated claims, right through to sophisticated organized crime. There is also no simple profile of someone who commits insurance fraud, and there are different degrees of criminality and pre-meditation. Some otherwise honest people commit fraud when the opportunity presents itself; some people commit fraud that is premeditated and some fraud can even be linked to organized crime. There are also different types of insurance fraud such as claims fraud, where an insurance claim is fictitious or intentionally inflated, or application fraud, where facts are manipulated on an insurance application form in order to obtain a lower premium.




What We Do

Insurance Investigations are very common, as deception among claimants has cost companies billions of dollars every year. The Infinity Alliances, Specializes in Insurance Investigations and helps insurance companies identify fraudulent activities. Our team of professional investigators would work closely with the claims departments of companies in an effort to protect against those who try to take advantage of insurance offerings.


We offer a full service Insurance Fraud Team, which conducts investigations pertaining to Insurance fraud, Insurance Claims Investigations and profile verification.


Insurance Fraud Investigations by the Infinity Alliances:

Insurance fraud is defined as an act committed by anyone who, knowingly and with intent, defrauds another person for gain. Fraudulent act includes claims fraud, application fraud, as well as individuals who conspire or assist with the fraud. The legislation has separate provisions to deal with insurer fraud. A conviction under these provisions must meet the criminal burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


Insurance fraud investigation is our key competency. Our team of specially trained investigators would work with the claims department of insurance companies to process insurance fraud claims and will testify during trials about their discoveries during their insurance fraud investigations.

Our team in an effort to prevent fraudulent activity and prevent unfair claims would work in sync with the guidelines provided by the insurance company.


Our agency is new but, Our investigation team members have as good as over 7-8 collective years of specialist experience in insurance and claims investigation. We would assist our clients with the collection of forensic evidence in a number of situations including the following:

Identifying and solving fraudulent insurance cases

•    Ascertain claimant's personal disability by carrying out discreet surveillance

•    Suspicious death claims - cause, manner and circumstances

•    Corroboration of evidence given to loss adjusters by the insured

•    Locating of witnesses



As a part of process, following are the major points that we cover in a claim investigation:



  • Full Background Checks (Name, Address, ID, Property Ownership, Media Searches)
  • Surveillance
  • Insurance & Fraud Investigation
  • Accident Investigation & Scene Diagrams / Photos
  • Alive & Well Checks
  • Witness & Neighbor Interviews
  • Recorded & Signed Statement Retrieval
  • Database Investigation (Criminal, Employment, Bankruptcy, Judgements, Liens)

• Investigation from Neighbors

• Investigation from Local chemist & Hospitals

• Employer / School / College Visit

• Visit at the Usual / family doctor etc

• Health & Habits of the deceased

• Visit at the Last attending doctor / Hospital

• Visit at the Cremation Ground

• Visit at the Police Station

• Visit at the LA’s family

• Death of the LA; Log of events resulting in Death

• Documents Verification



As a matter of fact, the kind of profile, claim investigation service is, integrity is top most prioritized trait that we follow.

Any investigator found with doubtful integrity would be removed at once after proper enquiry.

All investigators are governed by a code of conduct.

We hereby guarantee you professionalism and involvement.

Our interests are protected and safe in our hands. We do the best possible to guard against evil consequences which may ensure in course of work in the fields of our esteemed client. Out actions are work thought for and planned in advance.

Areas of operations:


  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Orissa
  • West Bengal
  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Tripura
  • Meghalaya
  • Manipur
  • Mizoram

Type of  Assignment

TAT  Taken

Fee offered

Basic Investigation

10 To 15 Days


Document Procurement

7 Days


Profile Verification

5  Days

600/- and 800/-for North east and sister state.

  • Nagaland
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Chhattisgarh







Professional fee offered.




: OFFICE Address:



office Address (communication address)  

Ward No-3, naya Bazar, Saharsa, Bihar-852201

Directors –Mrs. Priyadarshni Kumari

Contact Number:9471401845


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saharsa , bihar

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