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For over two decades, 24x7 Corporate Solutions has been helping companies hire mission critical resource... on time.

For over two decades, 24x7 Corporate Solutions has been helping companies hire mission critical resource... on time.

From Start-up hiring to Executive search, we are at the nexus of helping companies solve their most critical human capital needs. We approach each client engagement with the goal of providing a positive recruiting experience that exceeds expectations.

In the past 20 years of our recruiting experience, our biggest accomplishment is the retention of clients & their trust in us. We are proud that relationship with our core customers is almost as old as our organisation.



Hiring for a startup is very different from hiring for an established company. Our experience on recruitment for the start-ups has been very fascinating. It is evident that the core team built around the entrepreneurs has an impact on the long-term success more than its product. The core team is responsible for breaking down the Entrepreneur’s vison into short-term, achievable, and scalable goals. Building the core team around the founders is single the most important aspect for any start-up.


24x7 Corporate Solutions collaborate with the entrepreneur to have comprehensive understanding of the vision and aspiration of the company. With the understanding we identify the potential team with respect to the context of the role the required Academic, Cultural Background, Business acumen and the adaptability to step on the accelerator and Brakes when the business scales up/ down. We manage their HR process till the business stabilizes, which enables the company focus all their energy on their core functions. With the Shared Vision we passionately sell your to onboard the best possible talent.



Lateral hiring is critical for an organisation. A delay in recruitment could lead to direct impact on both the top and bottom line of the organisation. So it is very essential that hiring in various capacities, mainly arising out of exit of critical resource, should be done at the earliest to ensure smooth transition of tasks from old employee to new joinee.

We at 24x7 Corporate Solutions understand this bottle neck and have helped organisations hire the right person on time, every time. With some of our clients we work on a cv to hire ratio of almost 100% which underlines our understanding of both the organisation and its position.



As a leader who will champion the organisations vision and take it to greater heights, an executive needs much more than just industry expertise and great certifications. They need the temperement, poise and understanding to take the organisation towards its vision, in the process accomplishing various missions and crossing set mile stones.

Every executive placement is unique. One not only needs indepth understanding of the requirement, industry, sector & market, but also that of the geography, culture, society and most importantly the people one has to lead. Identifying such a person needs indepth study of all these before approaching a candidate. This is where we excel. We deliver!



It is essential that every individual plan their career clearly and head in the right direction through the corporate journey to achieve set targets and goals optimally. Many a times, a single mis-move could put you off-course by many years & cause long term damage for your career. We at 24x7 Corporate Solutions understand this and help you through your

journey by giving tips and advises regarding upcoming vacancies, industry inputs & help tweak your CV to ensure that both Recruiters and Search Engines 'shortlist' your profile for further processing. We have helped many persons move up the corporate ladder among whom some are today in top positions, generally envied by all.

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24x7 Corporate Solution India Pvt Ltd.24x7 Corporate Solution India Pvt Ltd.

For over two decades, 24x7 Corporate Solutions has been helping companies hire mission cri

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